March 20, 2012

Mesh for Petites & Tinies

First a huge big THANK YOU for your loyalty and feedback.

We still would love to see our inventory being stuffed with inspiration, images, links for non rigged MESH Objects, YOU need or would like to see in Secondlife.

For all who didn't know;
Most of our MESH-Products can be rescaled to fit the needs of Tinies & Petites.
On this image it is me, 10, as Tiny Mesh Fairy in between our familiar mesh furniture.

If you need to know in advance of a specific Mesh is suitable for Tinies & Petites, i will check it out for you. Send me a message or notecard.
If you already purchased a Mesh Product that has it's limits rescaling it as a whole, you can stretch the smallest part on all sides, uncheck 'edit linked parts' and rescale the Mesh again.

By visiting our ***WEBSHOP *** after a simple registration at M&M Creations website.
We have our meshes available and even more exclusive Meshes not for sale in Secondlife.
!!! SL specified Mesh-.dae files ----ready for upload with upload-instructions--, shade textures.

The Tutorial "Texture Mesh with a Graphic Program" is available at the Webshop too!!

Have Fun & Be Inspired
10 & Marcthur Goosson

March 01, 2012

The WebShop is OPEN

Due to hard work last 2 weeks we proudly present our 
This means you can buy Mesh Model DAE files, upload them yourself to Secondlife or edit them in your 3D software and or texture the Mesh Models.
YOU will be the CREATOR of the Mesh Models!!!

The webshop is only available for registered users!

Visit us at & subscribe