December 10, 2012

Rigged Meshes

Marcthur started creating Rigged Mesh clothes!!

Mesh can be used for static objects like furniture, landscaping, attachments and all objects which do not deform.
A Mesh can also be dynamic, the mesh moves with the avatar. Dynamic meshes are used to make complete avatars, avatar parts or clothes. The name for these meshes is RIGGED MESH.
A rigged mesh cannot be resized as a normal prim. It is "glued" to the body and will only resize with the appearance sliders.
Our rigged meshes are designed against an average shape (mostly the avatar ‘Ruth’ shape).
If you change the appearance sliders of your shape to extreme values the rigged mesh and its textures will deform to extreme values too.
When wearing another shape the mesh resizes automatically to the new shapes appearance sliders.
The resize process needs time to calculate, so may vary in time depending on your systems capabilities.

But we are still waiting for the implementation of the Deformer. This tool has been developed by an ex-Linden with a team of 3rd party-viewer people. This Deformer will be available for all 3rd party viewers and that's good news! LL has to approve the Deformer, but the big group of people who contributed the money that was needed to develop the program did a great job by doing so. For us as creators there is no need to sell packs with 5, 6 or even more basic sizes. Just 3, (XS, M, XL) will be enough to prevend the textures to distort too much and still having more extreme body sizes just by using the appaearance sliders.