January 25, 2013

REZDAY January 27th 2013

For every Secondlife friend & collegue we have; sunday is our REZDAY
M&M Creations do celebrate and we invite you to join us during a RezDay Weekend Hunt at our Mall.
Check out all information in-world by clicking the sign above our Kiosk at the central main TP!!
The hunt will be open from tomorrow morning around 9AM CET!

Not long after the 27th January 2007 we bought our first small plot of mainland on a sim called Montsereau. 
During these sentimental times 6 years ago, our first steps as having a Secondlife, we overlooked our new bare property with no other dream then to create our own content and share it with the rest of this pixel world.It was the PRE-sculpty time, MESH was unthinkable. 
So Marcthur still without a hat and both no shoes, which were cubistic and causes much virtual pain and grown in toe-nails. 
Second Life was much easier these days and ‘down for maintenance’ was a weekly event that made us switch on the TV and be impatiently bored.                

And see what can happen in 6 real lifetime years!

This weekend from Saturday morning 9AM CET till Monday morning 9AM CET we celebrate our 6th anniversary with a HUNT in our M&M Creations Mall.      
Marcthur & 10 invite you to join them during this weekend!

-- You will hunt for small Card-sized VOUCHERS with their value displayed on the objects looking like credit cards.
-- They are set for sale for 0 *zero* linden dollars each, they are NO COPY & NO MODIFY.
-- If you find a voucher, do NOT FORGET TO TAKE the voucher after the purchase! (We will have your purchase registered, but this is for your own convenience)
-- You may only BUY 1 voucher to give all hunters a chance to find one, only 17 are available over the 48 hours of this Rez-Day-Event.  ((If we have your name twice or more in our transaction history, you will be disqualified and we will replace this voucher for the more sportive hunters.))
**Which means; if you find one with a value of 1000l$, but you are sure you can do better, leave the one for others to find and go for the  vouchers with a higher value.**
-- They are only hidden in the mall and its round side-shops.
-- You can bring anyone you like to hunt together with your friends and inworld family.
-- The hunt will be opened Saturday morning 9AM CET January the 26th and closed Monday morning January the 28th same time.

$$ Vouchers to be found $$
 5x 500 l$
 3x 1000 l$
 3x 1500 l$
 2x 2000 l$
 2x 2500 l$
 1x 5000 l$
 1x 7500 l$ 

*** How to use your voucher ***
 Create a wish-list of products of M&M Creations in-world you would like to have with the same value of the voucher.
 Create a notecard, add the name of the avatar that found & bought the voucher. 
 (!!!So please, do not hunt with your main account and ask to send the hunt-pack to your alt account!!!)
 Send 10 Goosson the notecard & the voucher (transferable object).
 We will create your M&M Creations Rez-Day Hunt Pack during week 5, 2013.

Thanks for joining our celebration, Have Fun & Be Inspired!
 Marcthur & 10