The M&M Creations Mall has NO roof and not too many walls to prevend our visitors from bumping into and get stuck in ceilings and walls! The Vitruvian-Lady displayed in the center of the Mall points out where specific Fashion Sculpts can be found on all Plateau's surrounding her. For example; Hats Builder Packs are located at her head, Sleeves Packs at her Right hand and Collar packs at her Left hand.
At the Central TP in the middle of the Mall Floor the Kiosk is always open to subscribe yourself without taking space in your groups-list. On the kiosk a little box is attached with a complete up-to-date Mall-Guide with a list of all our Fashion Sculpt Packs and the location and content of the Side-Shops around the Mall.

Same artist (Varda Silver) created this Video for the first HotSwap Scene of SpotOn3D.
M&M Creations has build this sim with much love and care.
It is for sale here  SpotOn3D Synergy Marketplace

This is another awsome Video created by Varda Silver of our Mall in SpotOn3D!!

IF textured properly the appearence of meshes is real looking inworld.

Some pictures of our work in SpotOn3D
Randomly chosen

 Part of the WinterShop, later expanded as complete sim to be sold as HotSwap.

A complete bathroom in soft sea teints. 

 This school is set up to make it more easy for every resident to start building their own content. From Basic Building ('what are prims, what means 'rezzing') to the Advanced Texturing of Sculpted prims and Texturing Meshes with Photoshop.
Classes & private lessons are sceduled on request and even given with Skype/Share Screen if needed.
All tutorials written are available as inworld Book.

 A cute Stone Cottage with a warm fireplace, to be decorated as you wish.

 WaterVilla's Modern TudorStyle, 4 styles for living on the edge of the world.....

 As a difference with SecondLife or Inworldz, we were asked to speak some words during the ContentCreators EXPO autumn 2011. We were asked WHY? we are in SpotOn3D. Above a part of the answer ..... :-)
A renewed 'Waterfall & River' as Full Permissions Pack or as Copy & Modify to make it as big and long as you wish and make your region as wet as possible with sounds and watermovement.
(The frozen waterfall is available on request with all permissions you need.)