January 26, 2015


Last year i haven't posting here a lot. It has been a year of study for Marcthur. An endless amount of tutorials, new tools to master, plug-ins to try, try & error and new discoveries of techniques useful for the 3D models made for Secondlife & Inworldz.
While Cloud Party died silently, while SpotOn3D went to heaven together with Cloud Party, we had to go on with limited time and a smaller market for all we made last 8 years.

Marcthur started to make a medieval bridge with a corridor for pedestrians. As mesh of course, and textures, and a scenery, and details. Just to practise textured mesh what opened a new world for his range.
It takes months of sweating, cursing, finding new tools and some less good insights that's part of the limitations of Virtual Worlds.

The results in amount of new products might be disappointing, but the quality is sky high, as usual with M&M Creations, level of detail is amazing and the master has got his degree, so from now on it's a capital M for Mastering Mesh.

 Even our real life home has been rebuild as a 3D Model, included the wild boar weather vane on the roof, the moss on the roof stones, the cute shutters painted 'lavender' and all stairs, indoors and outdoors, as it really is.

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