MESH Furniture

CLICK here for a TP to ALL our Mesh-Furniture in-world!

Our real life Fireplace in Secondlife

The former Sculpted Fireplace is now available as Mesh Fireplace. The Toolkit, Chandelabra and Fence are available as seperate Meshes!

This Fireplace is based on our real life French Fireplace, made of granit stone blocks. Small people can stand straight in it. Chimney can be enlarged, ceiling shade included!

Cute Petal Stairs with a High LOD and Low LOD. Use the High LOD for outdoor use and the Low LOD for indoor use ;-)

Isn't it cute!! Designed for kids, tinies & petites! Not 'pimped' with gras, birdies, easter eggs and particles the bed has around 25 mesh-prims. IF kept small sized. Textured not yet available! 

Cute little Logs Chair with a fitting Logs Table. Would that be 'fairy' aside the TreeBed??

Gothic Chair 

6 prims only for this Cabinet 'Cube'

Chairs 'ME', with or without Arm-leans 5 prims. A cute fine table, Chair 'Pierre' or the chairs 'ME' are a perfect match for this table

Linked without the flame-particles 5 prims only, background prim included.

Linked this chandelier has 12 prims.

The panel left below has linked only 8 prims!

Linked 8 prims, no help prims needed, also available as 'Open' Stairs

          This Armoir counts 8 prims if linked.

Some Mesh Beds
Bed '783' has 55 prims if linked

Bed Round BR, primcount only 13!

 Bed DB has a LOW version & High, available as set or seperate. Both 15 prims.

 Specifications Bed Wind (awsome build!!); 11 Prims / 22 PE

The CF-Series are based on Chesterfield Design, but created with a free mind & open heart for Details.
  Specifications CF3;
11 Prims / PE 17
                                      Specifications CF2;
                                      10 prims / 10 PE

Specifications CF1;
9 prims / 6 PE

                                          Specifications Chair WingBack;
                                          14 prims / 8 PE

                                    Specifications Chair Pierre;
                               5 Prims / 4 PE                         

Specifications Cabinet 500; 9 Prims / PE 5                          
Be Creative with MeshObjects! The Cabinet 500 is a fine table if only the top and legs are used!                     

                                          Specifications Cabinet 502; 8 Prims / 6 PE
                                                                    Specifications Cabinet 501; 7 Prims / 5 PE
 Specifications Chair 1184;
17 Prims / PE 9        

Specifications Table Curls; 12 Prims / PE 9

Specifications Lamp 52; 4 Prims / PE 3                                     To purchase this Lamp Textured click HERE